What Should Have Been Included in the Price of Tuition- Thoughts From a Post Grad Millennial / by Jewell Bell

For many, graduation season has finally come. The highly anticipated moment of flinging dusty barely used books across the room and finally "chucking the deuces up" to an institution that's responsible for copious amounts of debt you've raked up before your feet can even touch the graduation stage. Yes, that unexplainable feeling of accomplishment to a newly graduate, and the sense of freedom that accompanies the realization that with a degree you can finally be what you have worked tirelessly in lectures and libraries to be. After all, that's what college has promised you right? Right?! Sure, you can explain in grave detail various levels of stratification in society, social constructions, solve quantum physics equations, and perhaps flex your prowess in critical theory. But what do you have to show once the shiny new degree is yours to have? When the fleeting moment of graduation day is over? 

College is tough and post grad life can be even tougher. As a recent graduate, the only things I have to show for my expensive education are deferred loans, a barely there job, lovingly patient parents that have yet to kick me out the nest, a myriad of irritating "So what next?" questions from curious strangers, and my own weighted anxiety of what the hell next for my life? For some, the transition from academics to career can be easy, much thanks to fancy interns and connections. But for many of us, the future feels unknown and the ever present question haunts our already clouded thoughts as we ask ourselves "Am I adulting right?

In college, you are deluded into thinking that by the time you graduate you will have it all figured out. But the truth is that once you graduate, you are at the beginning of that process. As a millennial in my 20s, my life is exactly where it should be: in a state of constant fluctuation. Rather than lamenting about  where I feel my life should be and the insecurities that derive from comparing my life to others, I should focus on where my life is now and enjoy the exploration of figuring it all out. While there are certain safety nets still in place, such as being young with no real responsibilities yet, and an extra blowup bed parents set aside (should you need to return home, cuz lets face it...we all do), enjoy the moment of self discovery. Move to a new place, travel, explore your passions, work a few crappy jobs until you obtain the career of your dreams. There's room for error and everyone's journey is different. To the young post grads out there that feel just as indecisive and fluxed as I do, live in the moment and embrace the journey of exploration and self discovery.

Until then, I am yours in the struggle. 


-Written by: Jewell Bell